Lightning Bolt Linewife Nail Decal

Our nail decals are a great addition to show off your linelife pride! This will be ten .35" decals. We recommend doing 1-2 top coats over the decal to ensure it stays on for 1-2 weeks. 

I highly recommend that these custom nail decals be paired with Color Street nail strips. These 100% nail polish strips provide base, color, and top coat in every strip and are made in the USA. The best part...NO drying time! To find out more about this brand, please visit the Facebook group Coloristic Nails with Erin. 

Please allow 3-5 business days for production and up to one week for delivery.

**If your order contains only decals, and there is a shipping charge added to your cart, please send me an email at before you complete your order.

$ 6.00
$ 6.00

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